I have received other scholarships or awards. Am I eligible to apply for Graduate Women SA Trust Inc scholarships?

Yes, you may apply if you have received other awards or scholarships.


Do I have to be a member of GWSA or AGW in order to apply for these scholarships?

No, you don’t need to be a member of the Australian Graduate Women (AGW) or Graduate Women SA (GWSA) in order to apply for the scholarships provided by the Graduate Women SA Trust Inc.


Where can I get advice about completing my application?

This website and the scholarship application forms should provide you with all the information you need. Should you require further assistance with the preparation of your application, we encourage you to contact your university’s Scholarship Office.


What if I can’t gather all material for my application before the closing date?

In some cases you may be unable to obtain official documentation, such as a copy of enrolment confirmation, or extension of a visa, in time to send with your application. In these cases you must submit the application with all available documentation and a list of material missing from your application by the closing date. These missing items must be submitted as soon as possible. If the missing material has not been received by the time the selection committees meet to decide on the winners (any time between early May and early June) you will not be eligible to win a scholarship.


What is a Certified Copy?

Take a photocopy and the original document to be certified to a Police Station, Post Office, University Administration or other authorised person equivalent to a Justice of the Peace. They will stamp and sign every page of the copy to certify that it is identical to the original. Only one certified copy is required. Please note that original documents will not be returned.


How are the winners decided?

Applications are first screened by the scholarship administrators to ensure that all requirements are met. Complete applications are then submitted to selection panels of four academically-qualified examiners who assess the applications against the selection criteria and recommend winners to the trustees of the Graduate Women SA Trust Inc.


When will I know the outcome of my application?

Receipt of all applications will be acknowledged by letter. In the normal course of events the successful applicants will be notified by the last day of June in the year of the award. Subsequently, the list of winners will be posted on this website in early July. The decision of the selection committee will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.


What if I need the money before the scholarships are awarded?

The scholarships are awarded by the end of June and are to be spent by the end of June in the following year. In some cases, you may need to spend money for an important purpose (eg. to go on a research trip, purchase equipment) prior to the scholarships being awarded in June. This need not deter you from applying for a scholarship. Successful applicants have previously used the scholarship to repay loans they took out in order to fund such expenditure. However, you should be aware that the scholarship selection process is very competitive, so you should not assume that your application will be successful when you commit to such expenditure.


Where can I find out about other Graduate Women scholarships?

Scholarships are also awarded by Australian Graduate Women (AGW) . Links for State and Territory Associations are also available on the AGW website homepage. Specific detail of scholarships and associated requirements for each state and territory can be accessed on the relevant homepage.

Graduate Women International (GWI) offers a range of Grants and Fellowships. Details are available here.